Blue Oaks offers an Outstanding opportunity to our third through fifth graders to participate in a school musical. Students practice all year and perform in the spring for the families and the community.

Blue Oaks also offers a school-wide dance show with StarStruck Showcase.  This program includes all students from TK to 5th who learn a dance during their PE time over a five-week period. Then, students put on a dance show during the day for the school and in the evening for the community.

  • All students K-5 receive 30 minutes of music education per week.

  • Grade levels incorporate arts into the curriculum, including performing and visual arts.

  • Parent volunteers provide art in each classroom through our Art Docent Program.

  • Students can also participate in our after-school clubs: Firefly Art, Young Rembrandts Art, Chorus, and Crochet Club.